Monday, March 1, 2010

stupid comforts

think of the stupid comforts
the relief of sound after reinstalling an audio driver,
the sickening clicks of a speaker
waking after a night of wrest and striven silence.
listen to what's new, thirsty for it like
a bird for grub, pecking mindless
under sheaths of bark and moss,
ignoring the dangled spider above her,
a consequent of hubris,
a word much in vogue these days.
does a cello really work here,
a mellowness finely grained
as a canoe in the mind,
slicing through cess,
the acuteness of pine needles
and stars trailing above.
tell me why you're freckled,
did you go somewhere?
my hip clicks when i walk,
will you diagnose it?

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