Saturday, May 23, 2009

a nice moment after work

I met two Southerners a while back. Well one was from Colorado but they both lived in North Carolina, where the wife was born. They were doctors and they were trying to get to Fullerton. I was sitting on a bench on the el platform and they were sitting next to me. They recognized me from Sears Tower, where we all just were. I asked them about the differences between the city and the country. The wife told me the city was busy, very busy. She told me that where they lived one could go running nekkid in their backyard, there was no one else for miles around. I said that's crazy, I've never known anything like that, I can't imagine I said as I imagined it. I pictured a wide field of undulating grasses, a full moon but the sky intense with stars. I was naked and the breeze swaddled me as clothes would, but it felt like I was wearing what humanity wears, or at least it seemed like it. The train came and they thanked me and I thanked them too. I said don't let the city, well whatever, have fun and they said don't worry we'll be back. We shook hands and they got on the train. When the train left I went back to reading my book.

i am drunk

god when we were younger we spat on our hands 
and on the moment that we were to press them together
i got grossed out and wiped my palm on the grass
later we skipped the hand part and exchanged hungrily

late at night you realize you 
are just that locus where stupidity memory
and lust orbit haphazardly
nothing more than a gravity or a 
sticky spot where you somehow got caught

its so good to have tears and spit semen and blood
so good to remember that this is me and this is you
so good to have fluids fill where breath only sustains