Monday, March 8, 2010

past participle

Do not choose but wade ceaselessly. Grab a dolphin's
fin. Do you know of its intelligence? Its
wit and how it fucks for fun? The crumbled castles in
paintings have always impressed me. I could imagine
the crags and dimples of the ruins, familiar as
molars. Sometime later I realized the legacy of those
amorphous masses that hold us tight to their buxom
qualities and the feelings of consistency
and reassurance granted from touching their groove.
Of course now I know that each time it is touched
it is changed, the parts shifted, rearranged,
gumballs departing joyously from their crowded world.
Now I know much better, you can rest assured.
The only thing I want to do now is apologize
and go back to bed. I dream of a light,
not unlike that of the sun reflected off a
dolphin's neutral gray skin. I hear tales of trips
away to bright and yellow lands, their pleasantly
frothing oceans, their dirt cheap drinks. I felt
the draft was excessive. It chilled me and made
me forget what I had come here to do.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

swaying powers

The swaying powers outside of us are not to
be underestimated. Questions of authenticity, of integrity?
Always we have looked and seen that same old
armchair rotting in the alley. One day
the garbage men must've taken it, or some teenagers, maybe.
Remember you woke up one night, mouthing 'spores',
and how that informerical for a blender that
could blend a lightbulb to a cutting dust,
how much it terrified us?
When the man emptied it
and said 'Don't breath'?

Monday, March 1, 2010

stupid comforts

think of the stupid comforts
the relief of sound after reinstalling an audio driver,
the sickening clicks of a speaker
waking after a night of wrest and striven silence.
listen to what's new, thirsty for it like
a bird for grub, pecking mindless
under sheaths of bark and moss,
ignoring the dangled spider above her,
a consequent of hubris,
a word much in vogue these days.
does a cello really work here,
a mellowness finely grained
as a canoe in the mind,
slicing through cess,
the acuteness of pine needles
and stars trailing above.
tell me why you're freckled,
did you go somewhere?
my hip clicks when i walk,
will you diagnose it?